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Qualtrate will begin operations in 2024

Our team of expert medical, legal and technical professionals are dedicated to providing fair and efficient independent dispute resolution services related to the No Surprise Act.


Specializing exclusively in Independent Dispute Resolution related to the Federal No Surprises Act disputing parties can have complete confidence in our neutrality and commitment to high-quality dispute resolution.


We are dedicated to a transparent operation that provides comprehensive and accessible analytics and statistics to disputing parties. Our team includes  leading experts in the tech, healthcare, and legal industries, ensuring that Qualtrate offers industry leading transparency while safeguarding sensitive information.


A key to effective dispute resolution is responsiveness of the IDR entity. Qualtrate’s approach is built to be responsive – both in the collaborations with our people as well as the speed of our underlying systems. Utilizing our expertise in the field of arbitration and the appropriate use of cutting-edge technology, we strive to maximize the efficiency of our IDR services and ensure parties to disputes have necessary access to our teams.

Resolving Payment Disputes Resulting from the No Surprises Act

The No Surprises Act protects consumers from unexpected out-of-network medical bills. It limits charges for emergency and certain non-emergency services to in-network rates, ensuring patients are not overcharged by out-of-network providers. The act promotes transparency and reduces financial burden from unforeseen medical costs.

The Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR) process, part of this act, settles payment disagreements between healthcare providers and insurers for out-of-network services. Disputes trigger the IDR, where an independent arbitrator from a government-approved list makes a binding decision based on factors like market rates and the patient’s condition, ensuring fair resolutions without burdening patients with extra costs


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Built Specifically for IDR

At Qualtrate, we pride ourselves on conducting independent dispute resolution without the use of retrofitted or repurposed systems and processes. This enables us to provide a fair and efficient arbitration process specifically designed for today’s challenges, and to rapidly update to keep up with regulatory changes.

Tech-Enabled Professional Arbitration

Our innovative technology allows us to conduct professional IDR more efficiently by streamlining the eligibility process and organizing the dispute optimally for arbitrator review. Our team of expert legal and tech professionals ensure each dispute will be handled with efficiency and high attention to detail.

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